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Alternatives to Smoking Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes

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The newest and best alternatives to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes are e cigs. They’re smokeless and free from the toxins, carcinogens and odours that plague traditional tobacco users and the people around them. These innovative devices use flavoured e liquids to create a harmless water based vapour as a delivery system for nicotine.

There are several models available to suit the need and budget of any smoker. They’re substantially cheaper than traditional tobacco cigarettes and can be easily refilled.

The e liquids used in electronic smoking devices are available in a wide and diverse range of flavours. A single 20ml bottle of high-end e liquid from a reputable retailer is roughly the equivalent of twenty-five packs of cigarettes.

Since these devices produce harmless water vapour, they can be used in front of loved ones without the fear of second hand smoke. Currently you can vape inside public places with the management’s discretion.

Explore the wide range of outstanding e cig devices available from the finest retailer in the industry and vape anytime.
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Among the best alternatives to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes are personal vaporizers, more commonly known as e cigs which allow users to enjoy vaping nearly anywhere. They’re cheaper than traditional forms of smoking, like tobacco cigarettes, pipes and cigars, and they don’t emit any dangerous chemicals or lingering smells.


Traditional forms of smoking are extremely dangerous because, through the combustion of tobacco, tar is created. Tar contains roughly four thousand dangerous chemicals, about seventy of which are known to be cancer causing agents. Since e cigs don’t burn anything at all, and are tobacco and tar free none of the dangerous toxins found in traditional tobacco cigarettes are emitted by vaping.


Making the switch to the electronic alternative to smoking isn’t just better for those around you. They don’t create any smoke that can linger, stick to clothing and furnishings, and colour your skin. E cigs emit only a water based vapour that is virtually scent free. It dissipates in seconds and won’t cause any damage to personal belongings.
If you’re interested in acquiring one of these innovative electronic smoking devices, look no further than Canada’s most reputable vape shops. With locations in Toronto and Niagara Falls, access to the finest e cigs, accessories and e liquids is simple. 
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